Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nanasai Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

When being supplied with private information, Nanasai Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Nanasai”) shall inform our customers of the purposes of the acquisition of such information and relevant inquiries desk. Obtained private information shall not be used for objectives outside of the purposes.
Nanasai shall not supply or pass your personal information on to any third parties without first obtaining your consent, unless doing so means legal obligations.
Nanasai takes Security Control Measures in order to keep correct and updated private information. In the case of consigning the handling of acquired individual information to consignee, we undertake the supervision by obligating to establish the Personal Information Protection equal to the level of our protection policies
When our customers wish to disclose, correct, or terminate the use of the contents of personal information, Nanasai shall deal with such requests reasonably after asking them for providing their personal identifications. We also endeavor to take prompt and appropriate actions for our customers’ complaints.
Nanasai hereby agrees to comply with the policies regarding the handling of personal information, and makes every effort to revise or improve those policies when appropriate.

Handling of Personal Information on our Website

Our company may obtain Log information which indicates an access to our website from our customers in order to improve user-friendliness; however, this information will only be used to see overall trend, take statistics and analize the data. The information will not be used for other purposes.
Our company may use a technology called Cookie. This technology is to send the information that a user selects from our website into the user’s computer, and the information is saved on the user’s hard disk drive. When the user accesses to our website again, the information of saved Cookie will be sent to our website. This allows users to use our website more accessibly when they access to our website again. Users can change the setting to receive a notification when Cookie is sent, and can select whether or not Cookie is received.